Morgan Hill, CA: Very fun camp; we loved the finished product!

Torrington, CT: The instructor was fantastic! He was enthusiastic, supportive, and knowledgeable about the whole film-making process. He provided guidance and encouragment while always pushing the students to take full ownership of their projects-he never told them WHAT to do. He not only worked well with encouraging the children-he seemed to handle very deftly a “difficult” child who was clearly not in the right program and was taking away from the experience of the other kids.

Pleasant Hill, CA: My son enjoyed these classes so much he had trouble falling asleep at night because he was so excited to go to camp the next day. He wants to be a film director when he grows up, and this was a great learning experience for him.

Manchester, MA: Amazing experience for my son – who doesn’t like to do ANYTHING in the summer.
He just shared his movie with his 5th grade class and was so proud and so excited to share. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. Not only a great experience but they have something to remember it too!

Redwood City, CA: My son (9 yo) had a fantastic time. Each evening, he would say he couldn’t wait until the next day so he could go to camp. It was very reassuring for me, knowing that he was having such a good time.

San Jose, CA: My children said that the instructors were very nice, and that the projects were fun.

Redwood City, CA: We LOVED the instructors we had!

Commack, NY: The instructor was phenomenal and engaging!

Reading, MA: As a parent, I appreciated the personal feedback that Carly gave every day at pickup.

Millbrae, CA: We love this camp.

Lexington, MA: They were such incredible women! (the instructors) They took his work on the project very personally, they even remembered the jokes he was telling them, and I could tell they were paying very close attention to his work. I am very grateful to them.

Seal Beach, CA: Last summer my son took your Animation Flix class using clay figures, and this year he took the Lego Flix class. He loved both of them!

San Carlos, CA: I thought the counsellors were very good with the kids, patient

Waterford, CT: My son did a variety of camps this summer including boy scouts, tennis and sailing. The Incrediflix camp got the most rave review from my son. He came home excited with a smile on his face everyday. He was always excited to go back to work on the next segment.

Marshfield, MA: My son had a wonderful experience from start to finish– thank you!

Montgomery, NJ: Overall this camp was a positive experience. The instructor was wonderful. We are looking forward to future camps to participate in. My son is very interested in film making. He is entering 9th grade so it is difficult to find programs for his age group.

entennial,CO: Andrew was professional, patient, and an exceptionally good teacher. He knew all the parents’ names by Day Two. Such an asset to the program.

Alexandria, VA: Camp was awesome!

Holtsville, NY: My daughter is 7 years old, and very much a “tomboy”(which is something that unfortunately her father does not support, and as a result, she feels bad about herself at times). She was very much supported, as one of the only girls in the class, by her instructors to express herself for who she is. In only a week’s time, she opened up to the instructors about how she sometimes feels, and on the last day the one instructor (Challa – not sure if that is the correct spelling) left my daughter with a very important message about being herself and not letting others change her. It was really powerful, and I so appreciated it b/c my daughter needs to hear more encouraging messages like that in her life from others besides myself. I feel the staff went above and beyond for her. Thank you!

Winchester, NY: I did not know what to expect as I had no reference at all of those camps, and my kid loved it, he is only 7 years old but enjoyed everything about it. Great job!

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