Our After-School Production Programs

(Your School) Today!

Bringing the fun and excitement of variety TV into after school! Kids will work together to create their own late night style variety show complete with hosts, special guests, interviews, musical guests, news, and many other fun and unique segments. Student will work in groups going through the entire show creation process from brainstorming and writing to acting and directing. Come and join the fun bringing (Your School) into the spotlight! *Flix downloadable within a month after camp ends.

Viral Flix

Viral Videos grab our attention and this program gives kids the opportunity to create the same kind of videos we all love watching online. Unboxing videos, web series, review shows, top 10 videos, and many more… Students will work in groups to write, direct, film, and produce short viral video segments in a safe and fun environment! *Flix downloadable within a month after camp ends.

Our Stop Motion Animation Programs

Stop Motion Experience

A full 360° immersion into the world of stop motion filmmaking! Students work in groups rotating through filming stations around the room collaborating as an entire class on videos using 4 different styles of stop motion animation. Work with a variety of styles including time-lapse animation, action scene animation, and live action animation!

Monster Escape Flix

It’s Monster Mania as they break out of their world and come into ours for some fun, wild, and wacky movie adventures! In this stop motion animation class kids will start by creating their very own unique paper Monsters. Then kids will work in age appropriate groups to bring those monsters off the page and into the real world in a movie they storyboard, write, shoot, and voice-over. Come join the fun for this epic Monster Mash!

Our Workshops Programs

Live Action Scary Movie

Do you like scary movies? Then you’re in luck because this is your chance to write, direct, film, and star in your very own horror movie. From “Action” to “That’s a Wrap,” you’ll do it all in this 2 day scary movie workshop, and you’ll get to keep your movie to share and scare forever!

Stop Motion Scary Movie

Bring your scary movie ideas to life in your very own stop motion animation horror movie. Create your character, and use movie magic to bring the frights to life. You’ll create the story, film the movie, and add your voiceover to create a Halloween themed movie that you can share and scare forever!

Our Winter Programs

Winter Live Action Flix

School’s out, so come have a blast making a winter themed movie. Will your movie be about a snow day, a huge winter storm, or going to the beach in California? This is your chance to write, direct, film, and star in your very own movie, and you’ll get to keep your movie to share and enjoy forever! Start your year with your movie premiere!

Winter Imagination Flix

What’s better than building a snowman? How about building a claymation snowman that you bring to life to star in your own movie?! You’ll create a story, create your clay character, build your set, and film. Once your movie masterpiece is complete you’ll have a movie you created to share and enjoy forever!

Learn how to make Your Own Movies

Learn basic film techniques like green screen, stop-motion, editing and more!
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