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var locationList = [{"client_location_id": 1, "client_location_name":"Warnsdorfer Elementary School","display_address": "Warnsdorfer Elementary School","display_address2": "9 Hardenburg Lane", "geocode_address": "Warnsdorfer Elementary School", "display_lat": "39.50", "display_lng": "-95", "clsAddress2": "9 Hardenburg Lane", "classType": "1","location_lat":" 40.4217641","location_lng":" -74.4328211","class_count":" 1", "state": "New Jersey (NJ)", "city": "East Brunsick", "zipcode": "08816 ","courses": [ ]},{"client_location_id": 1, "client_location_name":"Superior Elementary","display_address": "Superior Elementary","display_address2": "1800 S Indiana St.", "geocode_address": "Superior Elementary", "display_lat": "39.50", "display_lng": "-95", "clsAddress2": "1800 S Indiana St.", "classType": "1","location_lat":" 39.937856","location_lng":" -105.156544","class_count":" 1", "state": "Colorado (CO)", "city": "Superior", "zipcode": "80027 ","courses": [ ]},{"client_location_id": 1, "client_location_name":"Lawrence Brook Elementary School","display_address": "Lawrence Brook Elementary School","display_address2": "48 Sullivan Way", "geocode_address": "Lawrence Brook Elementary School", "display_lat": "39.50", "display_lng": "-95", "clsAddress2": "48 Sullivan Way", "classType": "1","location_lat":" 40.462638","location_lng":" -74.417353","class_count":" 1", "state": "New Jersey (NJ)", "city": "East Brunswick", "zipcode": "08816 ","courses": [ ]},{"client_location_id": 1, "client_location_name":"Bear Creek Elementary","display_address": "Bear Creek Elementary","display_address2": "2500 Table Mesa Dr", "geocode_address": "Bear Creek Elementary", "display_lat": "39.50", "display_lng": "-95", "clsAddress2": "2500 Table Mesa Dr", "classType": "1","location_lat":" 39.9804167","location_lng":" -105.263094","class_count":" 1", "state": "Colorado (CO)", "city": "Boulder", "zipcode": "80305 ","courses": [ ]}];
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