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The following are frequently asked questions about our Summer Programs. Just click on the question to show the answer! If you have any further questions, please email us

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How long are the programs?

While most programs are three hours a day for one week, we also have full day options at most locations that include lunch supervision. We also have several programs that are two weeks and some 3 week programs so be sure to check the dates listed carefully.

How are children grouped?

Stop motion programs have group sizes of up to 4 students per movie (grouped according to age). For our live action filmmaking programs, we have up to 9 students per movie. If there are friends enrolled in the same program, they can to be together.

Do you have discounts?

We usually cannot offer discounts on the price of the program because our programs are run through partner organizations. You may want to contact the recreation center or school hosting our program to ask what their discount policy is or if they have scholarships. However, we can sometimes discount the production fee or price if we take enrollments if: you have a child signing up for more than 2 programs; you have siblings signing up for the same program; if your child is signed up for a morning and afternoon program of the same week.

What does the production fee cover?

Our production fee covers post-production costs associated with creating the finished movies, including editing and hosting the movies on our website for download. In addition, it covers any arts & craft supplies needed for the programs. Please note, for many East Coast locations the production fee is included in the price of the program. Otherwise, production fees are due at the start of program.

Why are some prices different?

Our prices vary due to the different rates that community centers require.

Which program may be best for my child?

Different programs are suited for different children. Does your child have a lot of energy and require a lot of stimulation? Then any of our animation programs will probably be best. The programs are non-stop as the children make the story, the characters, the backgrounds, film the movies, and do voice-overs. Is your child shy? This could go either way. If they don't want to be in front of a camera, then they should likely join an animation program. They create their own character along with the other children and get to film their character while staying off camera. However, if your child likes the idea of being in front of a camera but is hesitant, with one instructor per group, we are there to lend some encouragement and make sure some of the pressure is off. If your child has more interest in filmmaking, but is not so interested in being in front of the camera, they can let us know so they can take more of a serious director/production role and get some extra tips from the instructors. We do like to see every child in front of the camera at some point though, even if it is for just a smaller part or background extras. Our live action filmmaking takes a bit more patience than some programs and is not always go go go. Not every child will be in every scene of the movie, so we make sure all the students have roles off camera (director, clap board, filmer, props?). Our action programs involve some tumbles and light stunts (safety is always #1). It's fun for both girls and boys. Of course we have some programs specifically designed for some kids interests such as our lego animation programs. Feel free to give us a call and talk to us about this. We'll be happy to help you figure out which program is best.

What is provided and what should my child bring?

All supplies needed for the program are provided by us and included in your Production Fee. Your child will want to bring a snack and a drink for break time. Sometimes children will also want to bring props in for their movies. All of these should be labeled, and please don't send anything of value as many kids will probably have their hands on it! Children should bring lunch and a drink if enrolled in a morning and afternoon program. Please go easy on the sweets!

Do children get to film?

Yes, they do almost all of the filming (if not all)! We guide them and allow them to take turns being behind the camera in the live action programs, and in animation programs the children do all the filming.

Do children ever leave the program site?


When do we get our movie?

We make every attempt to have the movies edited and uploaded to our gallery within a month of the program ending (and sometimes much sooner). We know everybody is excited to receive the movies, so our goal is sooner, but sometimes there are technical difficulties that may slow down production. If you haven't received the movie after a month, please call or email us to let us know as sometimes we may have an incorrect email address.

Who are the instructors and staff?

IncrediFlix recruits kid-friendly film instructors to guide these future film stars. Our instructors are industry professionals or university students with the highest aptitude for film and the ability to relate to kids! Additionally, each crew member undergoes a background check and comprehensive training before beginning their IncrediFlix journey.

What is the refund policy?

The refund policy is dictated by the community center or school we are working with.

What do I do if my child is unhappy about something in the program?

Tell us immediately! Don't ever hesitate to give us a call or tell one of the instructors about what's going on before/during/or after program. We know that most everything will work out on it's own, but why spend any time worrying about it? Let us know, as we really want everybody to have a great time.

Tax Id.

Most of the time, our partner locations take the enrollments and host our programs, so you'll want to contact the organization you enrolled through for their tax id. In the few cases where we take enrollments, please call us.

Why our programs are beneficial for children?

Study after study is showing that keeping the brain active during the summer makes for better performance during the school year. Most programs are geared around this, and ours specifically work with creativity and imagination. Kids have to brainstorm ideas for the films, they work together to come up with the script and their own dialogue. There is some light memorization involved, and we typically make this fun (and often funny). All of these flex those brain muscles, and we now know that creativity and imagination is something that can be built upon with more experience. Other skills that are used that are just as important are teamwork, patience, the sharing of ideas, and compromise. So keep those zombie-like television atrophied brains away and join us for a fun learning experience! And at the end, you and your child will have a movie to remember the experience forever!

How do I let you know any special information about my child?

On the first day of program, you'll have to turn in a consent form. At the top of this form we have some space for you to give us any special information. This might be that your child is shy, has ADHD, gets really excited, or even just loves to make movies and has some experience with this. You can also give us a call or talk to a program instructor before programs starts. The more we know, the more we can make this a great experience for everybody.

Do I need to know any special information for the program my child is attending?

We send out pre-program letters for each program with all the info you should need. In case you have not received it, below is our generic pre-program letter sans the specific info of the programs (such as the dates & times and the location address). Dear Parents: Please fill out all forms and bring them to program on the first day, as it will help save time. The consent form is to help us better serve your child and know who to contact in an emergency and our marketing survey helps us keep our costs down by informing us of what advertising works. You are invited to attend an opening welcome session for 15 minutes on the first day of program. This is the time to meet staff and have your questions answered. Your child can bring a healthy snack and drink (no sodas or candy, please). Once the movies have been conceived and storyboarded, your child may choose to bring items from home to use as prop pieces. If you want them returned, please label all items (please don't send anything valuable or of sentimental value as we would hate to see it lost or broken). Drop off & Pick up: Please park and accompany your child(ren) to the community center or school. Please do not leave your child unattended, we want to insure your child's safety. You will be asked to sign your child out each day. If anyone other than a parent will be collecting your child, you will need to submit a note authorizing that individual to do so. Please arrange to pick up your child promptly, as our instructors have other programs and responsibilities and cannot always wait with your child. Any parent who does not pick up their child 10 minutes after program is finished will be charged a late fee of $1 for every minute thereafter. The time will be determined by the IncrediFlix crewmember. Contact us: If you have any questions or concerns over the course of the program, please let the instructor know. We love to hear from you! Especially if it's something we can fix. If you don't have time to meet with an instructor before or after program, please email me or give me a call at the office at 949-548-5424.

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